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I have Superior 3 and love it to death but that’s mainly because I’m super entrenched in the Toontrack ecosystem. I remember using it with BFD version 1.


Fxpansion bfd3 vs superior drummer free. The 7 Best Acoustic Drum Kit Plugins You Can Use On Your Tracks


Compared to the other two. They have shaped up with their latest expansion, Invasion, though. But it’s still fairly one dynamic in terms of the sound of the actual kit and does not lend itself to anything else but heavier stuff, even though it’s just “a kit” YRC that technically should work with anything. Obviously, the most important question remains: Is the plugin going to be programmed by a non drummer, or played on an e-kit by an actual drummer?

End result will vary tremendously based on this alone. I only use SD3 these days. Sorry, what is ggd? I use SD3 mostly. BFD requires additional processing which sounds like more ideal, but in reality, I can’t make it sound better than SD3. Maybe you can Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Subscribe to our mailing lists. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

Code by Port Forward. BFD 3 is the third generation of virtual drum software from FXpansion. BFD features ground-breaking realism, especially in cymbal swells and tom resonance. The level of detail is remarkable, as many samples contain up to eighty velocity layers.

Specifically made for producers who require the huge range of Hip Hop drum sounds made famous over the last 30 years. Soul-Tastik Drums is no longer supported. We recommend Beat Machine 2 as an alternative. The library features three decades of hip-hop drums: 90s, s, and s.

A total of 25, samples are included in the Vintage Funk and Disco kits combined, with many round robins and velocities maximizing realism. For all the 80s lovers out there, you can rejoice. A total of 63 kits are included with twelve sounds each. Both processed and dry samples are included with Synthwave Drums. For those on a budget, check out some of these free drum VSTs. My favorite on the list below is the MT Power Drumkit 2. Obvious as it may be, free drum software is no where near the level of the paid options on the list in terms of tone and versatility.

I hope my article showcasing the best drum VST plugins has helped you in your quest for better productions. What are your favorites? Let us know down in the comments below. Looking for more options? Have to disagree here. How about Realidrums from Realitone? This looks really interesting because of the grove generator and complexity slider for real time jamming. Seems well thought out. I loved your blog and thanks for publishing this!!

Here you will come to know about the best drum vst. I am really happy to come across this exceptionally well written content. Thanks for sharing and look for more in future!! There seem to be a million Drum VSTs where you can program but not many where there are large numbers of pre-progammed rhythms to choose from.

You pick a pattern, set the tempo, adjust the complexity and which kit pieces you want to use and go. Nice for the price! Spitfire offers a wide range of not-so-freebies, too. Well, at least your link goes to the right place. Disclaimer: Links throughout the article may be affiliated.

If you click and make a purchase, I get a small commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Wrapping Up. Toontrack Superior Drummer 3. The most advanced drum sampling engine GB of sounds World-class drums recorded by legendary engineer George Massenburg.

Addictive Drums 2 Custom XL. Realistic samples Perfect for all genres Mix-ready. Incredible-sounding room samples Perfect for radio rock to thrash metal and everything in between. Steven Slate Drums 5. Radio-ready drums 1, MIDI grooves included. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This makes Addictive Drums more suited to amateur setups and also explains the pricing.

It lacks a few of the elite features of Superior Drummer 3 but makes up for that with value for money. BFD has a huge collection of drum samples and loops which you can incorporate into mixes at the click of a mouse.

The main man behind the sound sourcing on BFD3 actually worked for 2 years with George Massenburg, who we previously mentioned with Superior Drummer 3. In total there is GB of sample sounds , but wait, just before you throw your arms up, the makers have managed to squeeze this down into a mere 55 GB. This makes it super-convenient when working across different setups. Some of these include DCAM overdrive, new reverbs and envelope shaping tools.

When seeking to get started with a drum track you can choose to build your own kit or pick from one of the finely crafted presets. This tool allows you to work with many of the standard drum rudiments in order to create drum fills. Each rudiment is further explained through drum notation.

It has many cool features which make it a pleasure to use, and lots of slickly edited samples and loop which are a breeze to work with. It also has full MIDI operational compatibility. This VST comes with lots of different kit sounds which are split up into different categories and styles.

You can probably tell from the names as to how these kits sound. This allows you to replace drum accents with rimshot hits for added attack. For rock and metal fans we have a nice little drum VST without any additional fluff. GetGood Drums produce VSTs for the modern market and this particular pack is aimed at a bigger, punchier drum sound.

There is a nice selection of drum kits, all of which have been recorded at Middle Farm Studios in the UK. In total this pack contains 9 snares, 6 kick drums and 2 sets of cymbal packs. If you need more options, GetGood Drums also do other ranges of kit styles which are of an equally high-quality. Tony Coleman is one of the most famous names in blues drumming. He has played with legends such as B.

This VST is aimed at lovers of blues, pop and rock. All sounds have been captured at Ardent Studios using only the best professional drum microphones. There are also slidable faders for the volume of each voice and knob controls to alter the sounds further.

It lacks gigabytes of sample libraries but is quaint and fun to use. Definitely one to have in your collection of VST plugins. This VST is packed with 20 free drum kits. These kits are largely digital-sounding drum kits and perfect for lots of genres from hip-hop to dubstep to EDM and pop.

The layout is clean and easy with lots of controls to alter the sample sounds. A very cool electronic drum VST. In order to avoid any unwanted crashing we advise that once you have created your beat on DrumTROOPS, then you should bounce it down to an audio file.

Next import that audio file into your mix, disable the VST and you should find no further conflicts. Some of the more expensive options cater to both electronic and acoustic. Whatever your preference, be sure to look at the spec and take note of the kits used in recording.


24 Best Drum VST Plugins of (Free & Paid)

FXpansion BFD3. Send a private message to TLreaper. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? I would say stay with 2 and wait for 4. Originally Posted by ernzo.


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